The flagship product of the tactical backpacks category, especially for the so-called green tactics, tested by TC and constantly improved by the manufacturer.

This backpack, in various versions, has been on the market for over 10 years. This model was created out of the need to create a backpack for Polish specialists, which would not only work in the country, but would meet the tactical conditions prevailing during the mission in Afghanistan. For the first time, this model was tested on a mission in 2010 by the Military Commando Unit. This project was the result of the hard work of the Wisport designers and the JWK officer nicknamed MOTHER (Major Damian Matkowski), currently the main creator of the TC company.

Colors: Specjal col RAL 6003 / Wz-93 / Multicam

Capacity: 65 L

Carrying system: FAS Plus Ergonomic

Material: Kodura

Buckles: ITW Nexus, Duraflex


Weight: 3000g

Dimensions: 68 x 36 x 24 cm

Number of chambers: 2

Number of pockets: 7

Purpose: Militaria, Survival


The latest generation military-survival backpack. High comfort of use guaranteed by the FAS PLUS ERGONOMIC carrying system.

Exceptional durability and reliability in all, even the most extreme conditions, are ensured by innovative design solutions, high-quality workmanship and materials from which the backpack was made.


  • FAS PLUS ERGONOMIC carrying system provides full and infinitely adjustable
  • All seams locked
  • Two pockets with a capacity of 9 liters each
  • as standard

  • MOLLE compatible tape system
  • Reinforced and enlarged waist belt
  • Additional access to the main compartment from the front
  • Quick release backpack system
  • System side pocket closure
  • Chimney, lifting and detachable flap.
  • System that allows the use of CAMEL BAK
  • Raincoat as standard
  • Black, varnished aluminum slats on the frame
  • Possibility to attach skis, ice ax
  • Panel ID


Additional information

Weight 3 kg