the especially recommended, TC-tested Zipperfox backpack is a product adapted to the modern Warrior.

The model is adapted to the specifics of the operation of special units as well as reconnaissance, aeromobile and light infantry subunits. It is a world-class product proven in the realities of the modern battlefield. In combat training, its design ensures mobility and efficiency. One of the few patrol / assault backpacks on the market that works both on the shooting range, in the killing house or on the tactical belt during tactical and special shooting.


Colors: Specjal col RAL 6003 / Wz-93 / Multicam

Capacity: 40 L

Carrying system: SAS

Material: Codura 500

Buckles: ITW Nexus, Duraflex


Weight: 1850g

Dimensions: 60 x 29 x 25 cm

Number of chambers: 1

Number of pockets: 7

Purpose: Militaria, Survival


The newest backpack from the military series with a capacity of 40l, was created as a modification of the proven and appreciated SilverFox backpack.

The main change is the removal of the flap and the chimney, and the access to the backpack is provided by the inverted U-shaped zipper. Thanks to this solution, we have quick access to the contents of the backpack in many configurations (access from the top, on the side or there is an option to unfasten completely)

A new, modified SAS carrier system has been introduced in the ZipperFox. It has a removable fiberglass frame located centrally in the center. The meshes of the carrying system have been sewn to ensure comfort while wearing and to reduce pilling and soiling.

There is also a separate pocket for the camlebak next to the carrying system. Access is from the outside without opening the backpack.

Inside the ZipperFox there are pockets and compartments to organize your inventory.

Main features of the ZipperFox 40 model:

  • U-shaped zipper
  • SAS carrying system with removable rack and hip belt
  • MOLLE webbing system on the outside of the backpack
  • MOLLE panel in the interior
  • side ski handles
  • panel ID
  • quick release system
  • rain cape placed in a double bottom
  • chest strap
  • pockets and compartments inside the backpack

Additional information

Weight 3 kg