SPEED 9MM GTG soft pouch, COYOTE. Assembly of the GMB


Speed9MM pouch of the leading Polish manufacturer, Gingers Tactical Gear SpeedM4 is a fast, open pouch for a single double-row pistol magazine. Inside, a hypalon is used, which, combined with flexible side walls, ensures a secure grip of the magazine even during intense movement. The exceptionally low profile of the structure and the lack of fixed elements exclude the possibility of breaking the pouch and discomfort in the lying position.

The mounting has been designed in two versions: the first classic MOLLE mounting, and the second specially dedicated to Ginger’s Molle Belts (GMB ™), which ensures maximum stability of the mounting. Made in Poland using American materials. 



The GMB ™ mounting system

The pouches with the GMB ™ assembly have been designed to eliminate the problem of “swaying” of pouches on the GMB ™ belt when assembled with one mounting column. The system is based on Velcro® One Wrap, and is attached to the inside of the GMB ™ belt. The pouch with this assembly is dedicated only to the GMB ™ belt, and is not compatible with the MOLLE system. May also not fit with other belts. If you are going to use pockets only on the GMB ™ belt, choose this mount.


Quick access to magazines

Low profile and no protruding elements

Hypalon® inside the pouch


Width 45mm

Height 85mm

Thickness 25mm

Weight 30g

Made in Poland

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