Safariland Sig Sauer P226 Holster Set with QUBL, ALS, Black,


Safariland holster ® intended for the gun Sig Sauer P226 wearable at system everyday carry / concealment / duty holster (everyday use tku / hidden / work). The cabin is connected in the set with the latest assembly Safariland- QUBL , thanks to which the holster can be adjusted freely in 3 different heights (LOW, MID HIGH) without the use of any tools. In addition, thanks to the mounted system, the QLS fork can be quickly detached or switched to other Safarialnd mounts, e.g. a thigh panel. The holster is equipped with the ALS ® , i.e. an internal locking device that holds the weapon in all directions without stripes or latches. After inserting the weapon into the holster, the pistol locks automatically. The holster is operated with the thumb, and after pressing the ALS® button, the pistol is released with the highest precision. The inside of the holster is covered with suede, which protects the gun from scratching while drawing and hiding the gun. Construction material made of the highest quality, high-resistance material SafariLaminate ™ makes the holster very strong on the outside and resistant to scratches. Additionally, it is equipped with a screw adjusting the pressure of the weapon according to the preferences and preferences of the user. The ALS hood guard safety device protects the pistol from being pulled out by an accidental person or an attacker.


Color: Black

Weapons: SIG SAUER P226

Lighting: NO

Optics: NO

Finish: genuine SafariLaminate ™ thermoformed construction with suede lining helps protect the gun

Locks: ALS (Automatic Locking System)

Version: Right-handed

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