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Safariland® holster designed for the VISM 100M pistol for use in the tactical / duty holster system (tactical / duty). Designed for pistols equipped with tactical lighting from renowned manufacturers: SureFire, Streamlight (including Tlr1, Surefire x300, Olight). The holster is equipped with a technologically advanced automatic locking system (ALS®), which is an internal locking device that holds the weapon in all directions without straps or snaps. After inserting the weapon into the holster, the pistol locks automatically. The holster is supported by em thumbs, and when the ALS® button is pressed, the pistol is released with the utmost precision. The construction material made of the highest-quality, highly resistant plastic Safariseven makes the holster very strong on the outside. Convex surfaces (stand-off) inside the holster create an air space around the weapon, which causes its quick cleaning of dirt and moisture. When submerged in water, it retains its full tactical properties (shape and functionality). Included with the holster CUBL mount (allows you to change the angle of the holster, Safariland leg strap)


Color: FED

Weapons: VIS 100M

Lighting: ITI M3, TLR -1, X200, X300, X300U, LAS-TAC 2, SSL, OLIGHT < / p>

Optics: NO

Finish: Safariseven

Locks: ALS (Automatic Locking System)

Version: Right-handed

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